Birthday drawing

Here’s a self-portrait I did for my 48th birthday party invite. I based the drawing on a photo on me emerging from a quick dunk in 14°C Lake Huron.



Great Lakes road trip album

Sasquatch hitchhiking along Highway 17 near Kenora.

Sasquatch hitchhiking along Highway 17 near Kenora.

Christine and I just got back from an 18-day road trip around the Great Lakes. It was really three trips in one: We hiked in Provincial Parks along the north shore of Lake Huron and Lake Superior. We visited some dear friends in Winnipeg. We drove back to Toronto via the Midwest visiting more friends along the way and taking photos of giant roadside animals.

The resulting photo album is big (266 photos), and heavily captioned. Grab a cup of coffee, gather around the internet, and enjoy Swizzle Studio’s holiday slide show!

Slideshow is posted on Flickr for best quality images (no log-in required):

Happy Batman Day


Luckystar Studio‘s Gene Evans reminded me that DC Comics has declared July 23 Batman Day. It’s been 75 years since the Caped Crusader first appeared in Detective Comics. I’m not much of a comic book guy, but Batman’s cultural DNA, a crazy mix of camp and fascism, has always appealed to me. Happy birthday, you Batusi-dancing, neck-wrenching orphan!