Children’s book by post

I recently made a comment to my friend Andreas that we might collaborate on a children’s book. A few days later, notecards started arriving in my mailbox with a story on the top half and a blank for me to fill in on the bottom half. I am enjoying this challenge!

Four pages of a children's book
Words and ink drawings on Andreas’ lovely rag paper stationary.

Husky the Muskie

When Christine and I drove around the Great Lakes a few years ago, we stopped at almost every giant roadside thing. We somehow missed Husky the Muskie in Kenora, Ontario. I guess we’ll just have to do that trip again.

Husky the Muskie Kenora Ontario illustration by Rob Elliott Swizzle Studio
Kenora, Ontario’s Husky the Muskie

This is the type of drawing that I love doing: Bouncy ink and loose spot colour, Inspired by old cookbook and travel guide illustrations.

Red Dragon bottle design

I illustrated this Chinese dragon for Naples Drizzle‘s new product, Red Dragon Chili Oil. Client asked for a “friendly, not mean” dragon with bright colours. We both liked the results.