Starboys band logo


This logo for the Vancouver rock band The Starboys is the Grease logo by way of a 90s Northwest gig poster. Better still, it is inspired by a real car.


The Starboys car, a flat black ’77 Nova with the band’s name stenciled on both sides, was a regular sight in Burnaby and East Vancouver in the early 1990s. The band who owned the car played a metal-punk-glam hybrid, confusing everyone in a world before Andrew W. K. and Turbonegro existed.


Last month, lead singer Mark revealed that The Starboys are getting back together to play a show at Vancouver’s Rickshaw in February. Knowing I had a spot for the band (and even more so for the car), he reached out for a logo. I like this one, in both its B&W handbill and colour poster versions. If someone sees a poster hanging of a pole, snap a picture for me please!


New Small Paintings

Here’s a slideshow of the new small paintings I showed at the Junction Brewery Craft Sale last weekend. I’ve also made a PDF catalogue for easy perusal. Click here to download.

All works are priced at $200 each, with a special holiday price of 3 for $500. World wide shipping $20. All prices are in Canadian dollars. You can reach me at studio [at]

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New art fair booth

I needed something hatchback-sized for selling paintings at fairs. I also wanted something with a small footprint and a sturdy base to minimize the effects of accidental bumping.


This new booth uses a Black & Decker Workmate as a base and is made from one sheet of OSB sheathing, a bit of lumber for bracing and a few hinges. I finished it off with some conversation-starting signs (the green sign was rescued from an earlier booth). I’m testing it out this Sunday at the Junction Craft Brewery Christmas Craft Sale. If it works, I think I’ll write up an Instructables post about it.