Small Feats this Saturday

Christine and I have contributed new artworks to the Small Feats fundraiser for the Niagara Artists Centre.

Walkies?!, 12"x12", Chinatown t-shirt, felt, and vinyl on plywood, by Christine Cosby

Walkies?!, 12″x12″, Chinatown t-shirt, felt, and vinyl on plywood, by Christine Cosby

Every Small Feat art work is one foot square and sells for $200. Each contributing artist has donated half or all of the proceeds to support NAC’s programming. It’s a two-fer, support NAC and support Niagara artists. All buyers can go home with their art Saturday night. There are over 175 works to choose from.

There will be a well-stocked bar – fine Niagara wine and beer, and complimentary tapas. It’s a great night for ushering in Spring!

In addition to making work for the one-night art sale, I’ve built a baseball-style scoreboard to track the of number of works sold. Hope to see you on Saturday!

Preview the art here:
If you are a NAC member at the supporter, patron, champion, or benefactor level, the VIP Preview starts at 7:40. Doors open at 8 p.m. to the public.

Small Feats
Saturday, April 12, 2012, 8 p.m. (VIP Preview 7:40 p.m.)
Niagara Artists Centre, 354 St. Paul Street, St Catharines, Ontario, Canada
tel: 905-641-0331 web:

Brace, 12"x12", acrylic on canvas, Rob Elliott

Brace, 12″x12″, acrylic on canvas, by Rob Elliott

Handscrew, 12"x12", acrylic on canvas, by Rob Elliott

Handscrew, 12″x12″, acrylic on canvas, by Rob Elliott

Fish, tools, fruit

Ancient, Sharp & Bruised, 8"x8", acrylic on canvas

Ancient, Sharp & Bruised, 8″x8″, acrylic on canvas

Last winter, I met one of my musical heroes, John Millard of the Polka Dogs and Happy Day, at the Cameron House. We struck up a conversation about stolen CDs and he offered to replace my lost copy of the band’s debut. Over a series of emails, John and I decided to trade a commission for his complete discography. I asked John what sort of art he likes. His reply:

I like field colour stuff. Jack Bush, Ad Rhinehart, Newman, Rothco etc. Maybe that’s not your thing . . .
I like fruit. Pictures of fruit are cool. Fish. Tools.

The resulting painting, Ancient, Sharp & Bruised, features a gar, a piano wrench, and a banana on a colour-blocked background. It’s one of my favourite recent works, and I feel it pushed me in some new creative directions.

John liked the painting, and I am enjoying getting to know six CDs of his music!

Jazz drawings


I drew these horns and designed this advertisement for musical instrument repair company GP Music. The project had me pulling jazz albums from my record collection for an entire morning looking for inspiration.