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Hey buddy, got a light?

I’m pretty pleased with my latest art book, a 7″ square hardback called “Hey buddy, got a light?” Comprised of 25 paintings of animals smoking, the book will be sent to art directors but is also available to the public. These little books from Blurb have the feel of a children’s primer (indeed, my previous portfolio book was titled “Primer”).

“Hey buddy, got a light?” has its roots in a show of the same title I exhibited at Toronto’s Saving Grace cafe in 2005. The absurdity of all those animals smoking was amplified by the cafe’s close confines, and the exhibition was a near-sell out. Publishing this book lets me to share the aggregate impact of all the pieces in one place again.

I’ve included a handful of sketches in the book as well, where you can see a bit of my creative process.

“Hey buddy, got a light?” is available from in softcover and hardcover versions:

Art directors: contact me at to see a copy of this book.


By Rob

Rob Elliott dispenses creativity under the moniker Swizzle Studio.