Global banking and a globetrotter’s book

I love Tim Baynes drawings. His loose yet precise travel sketches are full of energy and humour. When I heard the British artist had published a book of drawings, Drawing on Experience, I contacted him to purchase one. What followed was a parochial to-and-fro between our banks which made any talk of global markets seem like nonsense. Tim wrote an entry about the whole adventure on his blog, complete with a photo of my much stamped letter.

Drawing From Experience is great, but when Tim publishes a sequel, I’m just going to meet him in Paddington Station and pass him a £10 note.

2 responses to “Global banking and a globetrotter’s book

  1. ROB! We laughed this evening round the kitchen table! You is tres cool! A great post on the Swizzle blog To be continued in some way!

    I think a Springtime visit to TORONTO is on the cards!!! Decided!