Dog portraits

Rotisserie Biggie

I recently did this portrait of Biggie, my friends’ ancient but still-spry chihuahua. Biggie spends the winter in front of the space heater, turning herself every few minutes like a rotisserie chicken.

I’ve done a few dog portraits over the years. They’re fun to do, though all the dogs I’ve drawn have had a lot of personality.

Rookie. So lazy.

Ruby, king of the garbage eaters.

Cady, queen of the Schipperkes.

3 responses to “Dog portraits

  1. Those are awesome! I’d love to see Coopers portrait!

  2. oh my god Rob, actually just adopted a toy poodle…. so now there are two doggies at chez d… (hey and I don’t even like poodles, but Honey is a sweetheart!) ttys, deirdre

    • Standard poodles are the best, but any poodle will do (I was a co-creator of a five -pin bowling zine called “Poodle” in the mid 1990s)!