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Dog portraits

Rotisserie Biggie

I recently did this portrait of Biggie, my friends’ ancient but still-spry chihuahua. Biggie spends the winter in front of the space heater, turning herself every few minutes like a rotisserie chicken.

I’ve done a few dog portraits over the years. They’re fun to do, though all the dogs I’ve drawn have had a lot of personality.

Rookie. So lazy.

Ruby, king of the garbage eaters.

Cady, queen of the Schipperkes.


  1. Holly

    Those are awesome! I’d love to see Coopers portrait!

  2. deirdre

    oh my god Rob, actually just adopted a toy poodle…. so now there are two doggies at chez d… (hey and I don’t even like poodles, but Honey is a sweetheart!) ttys, deirdre

    • Rob

      Standard poodles are the best, but any poodle will do (I was a co-creator of a five -pin bowling zine called “Poodle” in the mid 1990s)!

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