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Our art gang, the Niagara Artists Centre, is wrapping up its June Membership Drive at midnight tomorrow. To coax new members to join (and members to increase their participation level) NAC asked a bunch of artists to extoll the outfit’s virtues for a series of commercials. Christine and I, being total NAC devotees, went a little overboard with our testimonials. So much so, Ryan Rivando cut a special Swizzle commercial.

If you’re into original art programming, want to exhibit at a great venue, or just need a charitable write-off, you should join NAC today. NAC rocks!


Swizzle Studio Endorses NAC! from Niagara Artists Centre on Vimeo.

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  1. T

    Great job on the vid! Like the backgrounds you chose and that ahh..police outfit. I have to get down there and check it out. And that …guitar (?)…ha.


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