Monkey Modern is the result of my recent rediscovery of stored studies I created in 2008. Upon showing them to Flying Pony owner and curator Andrew Horne, he encouraged me to revisit the work. The new four-painting suite offers a vibrant take on the natural world.

The featured monkeys ­– from Africa, India, South America and Indonesia ­– may be endangered and small. But in these paintings, they overwhelm the viewer with their personality and intelligence. Placed upon modernist backgrounds reminiscent of colour field paintings, the subjects become pop stars that demand our attention.

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Paintings can be purchased with a cheque or through PayPal. Interested patrons can contact me at

Simian Portraits by Rob Elliott

November 1 to 30, 2013
Opening reception: Saturday, November 2nd, 5pm to 8pm

Flying Pony Gallery, 1481 Gerrard St E Toronto