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Hallowe’en Cards

One long night in October, I had grown tired of messily making papier mache monsters for STRUTT and painstakingly painting monkey portraits. I pushed all my supplies to one side, chopped up some scrap cardboard into 4″x5″ rectangles, and opened up my brain. Two hours later, I had a stack of 16 Hallowe’en cards, each one different in both subject and style.

Here’s a gallery of what spilled out from my crooked fingers. Happy Hallowe’en!

pumpkinhead-480 ghost-480 ogre-480 mummy-480 zombie-boy-480 vampire-girl-480 pumpkin-boy-480 Ghost-dog-480 Ghostly-knight-480 Boy-werewolf-480 baby-cyclops-480 Phantom-horse-480 Black-cat-480 Ghost-princess-480 Halloween-cat-480 witch-480

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