(The Return of 3-D Exquisite Corpse, Niagara Artists Centre, 2008

(The Return of 3-D Exquisite Corpse, Niagara Artists Centre, 2008

Long-term members of the Niagara Artists Centre were asked about their commitment to the arts powerhouse to promote the June Membership Drive.

Read what the elusive Christine Cosby has to say here (she really likes STRUTT): http://www.nac.org/blog/nacs-member-of-the-moment-christine-cosby/

Rob Elliott talks about how NAC has allowed his artistic ideas come to fruition: http://www.nac.org/blog/nacs-member-of-the-moment-rob-elliott/

You can read all the interviews on the NAC blog: http://www.nac.org/blog/

The Niagara Artists Centre has been our art gang since 2007. NAC is a democratic, creative, critical force in southern Ontario, and it’s run on shoestring (Seriously, I’ve seen their books. You would not believe what they squeeze out of a few grants and membership fees).

If your membership is due, or you just want to take advantage of a members’ gallery space, equipment rentals, and plenty of chances to collaborate/volunteer, sign up for a membership. Memberships start at $35 for students/$40 for artists and art enthusiasts.

Join during June membership month at: http://www.nac.org/join-nac/