Sore Boozers, the folk/country/pop band I play accordion with, will be playing Toronto’s Open Tuning Festival this Saturday, June 11. We played the inaugural festival last year and had a great time.

Open Tuning is a fun, free, neighbourhood music event just slightly north of Bloor. Musicians play on porches, in garages and in on street corners. Lots of other musical conglomerations to see, too. Full schedule here: https://opentuningfestival.wordpress.com/

We’ll be playing at 6 p.m., in front of Odds & Sods, by the corner of Barton & Bathurst streets. Sing-a-long with a raucous performance of country, folk and pop songs as we try to drown out the nearby Bathurst bus!

Last year's assembly. This year, expect seven Sore Boozers!

Last year’s assembly. This year, we will have seven Sore Boozers!