When I created the look for this year’s Open Tuning Festival, I wanted the typeface, colours, and images to be easily repurposed for many uses. As we get closer to festival day, June 8, participants will be making their own posters and media. A simple toolkit they can all access was the way to go.

The festival organizers try to attract as many different types of musicians as it can. These ads, currently being rolled out on Instagram and Facebook, aim to do that.

boombox open tuning
This one’s aimed at hip hop performers, DJs and electronic artists
banjo open tuning
Open Tuning always attracts a lot of roots musicians
violin open tuning
Classical musicians. The festival always hosts a quartet or two.
drum open tuning
Every type of music needs a drum.
trumpet open tuning
Jazz and ska.
banner ad open tuning
All the ads are based on this banner I created social media platforms.