I illustrated and designed the marketing campaign (and signage) for the 2019 Open Tuning festival. This free music festival in Toronto’s Seaton Village brings out a great mix of musicians.

My goal in designing the campaign was to keep it clear and simple. I used a primary colour palette and a clean typeface (one that could be swapped out for Arial in case a volunteer had to make last minutes signs). It was a rewarding job.

Revised Open Tuning logo
Header for Twitter and Facebook
Examples of Call For Musicians Ads (six instruments were featured)
Instagram Call for Musicians ad
Fundraising is a big part of the festival. These ads are for the Quiz Nite.
There was a bake sale too.
Web fundraising ads. The festival runs a shoestring budget.
It paid for itself this year with donations and fundraisers.
Like I said, shoestring budget.
Another big part of the festival is getting enough sound techs and
backups to run the 36 stages.
Instagram ads run prior to the festival featured many of the performers, and emphasized the festival’s eclecticism and diversity.
Easy to use map of the venues. Some of the festival events were held in garages so the map had to include the typically Toronto maze of alleys.

In addition to all the graphic design, I played accordion with my band Sore Boozers at the festival too!