Swizzle Studio worked on a diverse bunch of projects this year, some works for hire, others just because they were interesting. A good balance, I think.

From top left:
1. I started making print works again. This print is from Square Feats show and was screened at the Niagara Artist Centre’s new studio shop.
2. CH3 record cover. The punk band’s leader Mike reached out to me after finding this Monkey Mondays drawing in a Google search. It was great working with him, and seeing this drawing in album-sized glory.
3. Balsamic and Hot Pepper Oil bottles for my longtime client Pizza School NYC.
4. One of several “Poodle Fanciers” drawings. I’ve been working a lot on series this year. Poodle Fanciers taken from 1970s dog show periodicals. I did two month long Instagram drawing challenges, Fun-A-Day Pittsburgh and INKtober. You can find them both at https://www.instagram.com/swizzlestudio/
5. Official Unofficial Fan Show opening. I painted “Wookiee Modern” for this MS fundraiser organized by the awesome Trevor Bowman (@bowmanitis). I also put paintings in the Small Cures cancer fundraiser, and NAC’s Square Feats.
6. Dawn Redwood drawing. I keep sketchbook journals of the nature walks I take with my friends. I really like this drawing.
7. Unremarkable History Mural. Once a week throughout the spring, Andrew Horne and I painted a streetscape mural on the inside wall of his Flying Pony cafe. Stories and myths piled up, all legitimized with fancy brass plaques. 1481 Gerrard St, Toronto. It’s worth a visit.
8. Open Tuning Festival. I did all the design work for this free music festival, using my artwork, a bright colour set, and clean type.
9. I am working on a children’s book with Andreas Duess about a terrible duck. He mails me cards with his continuing story on one side and a blank on the facing page. I mail the cards back with my drawings.

More in store for 2020! Happy New Year everyone!