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G that’s a big letter

I got to work with the awesome Melanie MacDonald last week on this giant Google G. Mel needed a tight cutter to get this pop-up shop job done in a hurry, so she gave me a call. Cool job to work on, and the installers and project designers were super nice folks.

Ramm Design Labs built the four room project for the Pixel 3 “record shop” , popping up at 202 Queen Street West, Toronto November 27 to December 2.

Law of Work illustrations, part 2

Mike Thompson of Emond Publishing asked me to create a new round of cartoons for David Doorey’s Law of Work textbook series. David has a good sense of humour, and I always enjoy refining his ideas into finished artwork.

Working on cartoons about workplace strife also makes me glad to be working here in the studio!

Long Weekend Monday maps and icons

I designed a map of Toronto’s Junction Triangle for Ryan Bigge’s project Long Weekend Monday (@long_wkndMonday). This Twitter project shows which bars and coffee shops are open on long weekends in a quick snapshot.

The map posed an interesting challenge, conveying a lot of specific information in the small space of a tweet.

I used a modern typeface (Helvetica Neue Bold) for readability. I drew the icons and map by hand to counter the machined aspects of Twitter. A mix of colour fields for the grid added a mid-century modern feel.

Coffee and beer icons by Rob Elliott

Ryan also turned the icons into this nice atavar: