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Another Cold Case Kids book

I’ve been working for most of the summer on the follow-up Cold Case Kids young adult novel. In 2015, I designed and illustrated Ghoul’s Gold – The Mystery Of The Chantry Island Treasure. Author Doug Archer asked me to work with him again on the follow-up, The Phantom Menace – The Mystery of the Southampton Shipwrecks. The book will be out in September 2018.

It has been an big project, with lots of elements. Here are a few samples:

Map of Southampton, Ontario:

Book jacket design:

Over 30 illustrations:

Stay tuned for book launch details.

Me And My Monster

Me And My Monster is my personal favourite painting. It started out as a tiny doodle. I really like the 70s colours and the cautious expressions.

Sold at the Niagara Artists Centre’s Small Feats fundraiser in Spring 2018.


I play accordion with a sort-of musical softball team called the Sore Boozers. Once a week, as many as 8 of us get together and play a bunch of songs, drink a little beer, and pay little mind to the score.

Keep an ear out for us, we occasionally show up at Toronto street festivals.

Once in a while, we perform at a street festival.