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My Pandemic Diary pages 16 to 20

Summer is over, we’re in the middle of a snap election, the pandemic is gaining strength, society is turning upon itself — time for some cartoons!

Here are the latest pages of my Covid-19 sketchbook, My Pandemic Diary!

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A Midsummer Diary

Canada Election leaders 2021

Everything’s on fire, 20% of the population are keeping the rest of us inside, and there’s a federal election. This installment of My Pandemic Diary! might be a little cranky, but let’s just blame that on the humidity.

I did have a nice birthday.

Here’s the latest pages of my sketchbook:

Bringing Out The Dead
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Part 3 of My Pandemic Diary!

My Pandemic Diary part 3 cover

The Pandemic won’t stop, so I won’t either. Here is the first five sketchbook pages of My Pandemic Diary, Part 3!

This installment has gardening, politics, and a special visit from a pangolin. Enjoy!