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Owl Series #1

I just completed a series of 9 owl paintings just in time for holiday season gift giving.

Each owl is a North American species, depicted as its most graphic elements.

The paintings are 6″x6″ on profile canvas, $200 each. Each is fitted with a sawtooth hook for easy hanging. The profile canvas also sits nicely on a mantelpiece.

Message me or email swizzlestudio [at] if you are interested!



Row 1: Great Gray Owl, Barred Owl, Great Horned Owl (SOLD)
Row 2: Burrowing Owl, Snowy Owl (SOLD), Screech Owl (SOLD)
Row 3: Large Eared Owl, Barn Owl, Saw Whet Owl

BC Nature sketchbook

I visited British Columbia in September for a kayak trip (plus some hiking). With my dad’s crew of octogenarian kayakers, we explored the rocky edges of the Deer Group (off the west coast of Vancouver Island). I also hiked up Seymour Mountain just north of Vancouver and kayaked in Deep Cove. When I wasn’t getting reacquainted with nature, I drew in my sketchbook. Here’s what I drew.

BC Trip sketchbook page 1
BC Trip sketchbook page 2-3
BC Trip sketchbook page 4
BC Trip sketchbook page 5
BC Trip sketchbook page 6-7
BC Trip sketchbook page 8-9
BC Trip sketchbook page 10-11
BC Trip sketchbook page 12-13
BC Trip sketchbook page 14-15
West Coast Trail 1988
Dad and I, West Coast Trail information hut, 1988
West coast trail 2022
Dad and I, West Coast Trail information hut, 2022
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