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Right On Futon murals

During a visit to Chicago last month, I =”ro”>O.E. stopped by furniture emporium Right On Futon to check out the murals I did for the store in 2003. After working out the themes with store owner Mark Bello, I painted futons in fantastic scenarios: as the iceberg that sunk the Titanic, as a cheap jerseys submarine battling a giant squid, wholesale Cleveland Browns jerseys and as a robot attacking the Windy City. The store is also decorated with three sideshow banners I painted for one of Right On Futon’s legendary store window displays. There’s even an 8’x4′ monkey painting to accompany Right On wholesale MLB jerseys Futon’s tiki bar sideline.

It is Heat always nice to wholesale jerseys revisit Stout work and find that it holds out up. Staff at the store say a week doesn’t Luxury go by that customers don’t ask about the murals.

Giant Squid vs. Jules Verne-esque wholesale MLB jerseys Futon

Sideshow banners painted on raw canvas

Iceberg mural and a sideshow banner

Monkey mural hanging over sales counter

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My web presence has been getting increasingly unruly, with multiple Swizzle productions and projects all linked to one another. To tidy this up, I am launching This website contains a portfolio of my creative work, cheap jerseys and a regularly updated blog of interesting projects I’m working on.

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Rob Elliott