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Pages 16 to 20 of My Pandemic Diary, Vol. 2

My Pandemic Diary is back! Another five pages of laughter and not-laughter as we tumble into the autumn. Jump to the new pages HERE:

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Sleeve Art

Tattoo of CH3's The Bellwether album cover. Based on artwork by Rob Elliott/Swizzle Studio

Last year I designed cover for legendary California punk band CH3’s record The Bellwether.

CH3’s singer/guitarist Mike Magrann just sent me a photo of fan Rev. Paul Bearer’s new tattoo featuring the artwork. Great ink job by Tony Becker from Skin City!

Here’s some CH3 for your rock ‘n’ roll enjoyment!

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Pages 11 to 15 of My Pandemic Diary 2!

Dog days of summer drawing

My Pandemic Diary! is back with five new pages. This installment features politics, panic, fire, and fall fairs. It’s a hot one!
New pages here: