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Squirrel Brain

Every summer, I cultivate a dense grove of sunflowers in my backyard. And every September morning, I drop the toothbrush, run down the stairs, and chase the damn squirrels away.

squirrel brain



I play accordion with a sort-of musical softball team called the Sore Boozers. Once a week, as many as 8 of us get together and play a bunch of songs, drink a little beer, and pay little mind to the score.

Keep an ear out for us, we occasionally show up at Toronto street festivals.

Once in a while, we perform at a street festival.

Sore Boozers at Open Tunings Festival

When I’m not making art, I play accordion with a bunch of pals. The group is the most eclectic cover band you’ve ever heard, doing everything from bluegrass and murder ballads to sweet pop hits and forgotten new wave gems. Other “E” words to describe us include “energetic” and “enthusiastic”.

If you are in Toronto next Saturday, check out or band, the Sore Boozers, in front of Palmerston Market at 6 p.m. for 45 minutes of entertainment. The market is on the corner of Palmerston and Barton.

Our show is a small part of a great festival called Open Tuning. A do-it-yourself event, Open Tuning features 130 bands playing on porches, in parks, in garages and anywhere else you can think of.

For a full program, check out: