Hijinx Projects

Inktober 2020

I just finished the Inktober 2020 drawing challenge, posting a drawing each day on my Swizzle’s Instagram account (@swizzlestudio). It’s a good exercise for creative thinking. I mostly draw my Inktobers with Speedball ink and nib pens or Sharpie ultrafine pens, adding the colour digitally.
Thanks to Jake Parker for organizing Inktober!

Here’s the series:

Hijinx Projects

Pages 16 to 20 of My Pandemic Diary, Vol. 2

My Pandemic Diary is back! Another five pages of laughter and not-laughter as we tumble into the autumn. Jump to the new pages HERE:

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Sleeve Art

Tattoo of CH3's The Bellwether album cover. Based on artwork by Rob Elliott/Swizzle Studio

Last year I designed cover for legendary California punk band CH3’s record The Bellwether.

CH3’s singer/guitarist Mike Magrann just sent me a photo of fan Rev. Paul Bearer’s new tattoo featuring the artwork. Great ink job by Tony Becker from Skin City!

Here’s some CH3 for your rock ‘n’ roll enjoyment!