My Pandemic Diary!

A few months from now, we will either revisit these pages and laugh, or burn them for heat.

My Pandemic Diary sketchbook cover.
This sketchbook has been requisitioned for pandemic duty.

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Page 1

Page 1 My Pandemic Diary: The Who, Mr. Men

Page 2

Page 2 My Pandemic Library: cycling, stockpiling, Phil

Page 3

My Pandemic Diary page 3: Social distancing is easy for some people

Page 4

Page 4 My Pandemic Diary: Be prepared. A selection of tools

Page 5

Page 5 My pandemic diary: eating pigeon, lunch for detectives, mass closings

Page 6

Page 6 My Pandemic Diary: Christine Elliott, Dead Bolt, Costco neighbours

Page 7

Page 7 My Pandemic Diary: The Off Button is There When We Want It.

Page 8

Page 8 My Pandemic Diary: Song on birch bark, Tokyo Olympics, USA comix, horsey sounds

Page 9

My Pandemic Diary page 9: Trudeau press conference, my last day at the shop

Page 10

My Pandemic Diary page 10: plague, pub, nice day for a run

Page 11

My Pandemic Diary page 11:bike lanes,covid-19 email,piano

Page 12

My Pandemic Diary page 12:working from home,blackout,cooking,ukulele chords

Page 13

My Pandemic Diary page 13:when the wind blows,freight train,touching your face,membership cards

Page 14

My Pandemic Diary page 14:berzerk,videogame,revolution,baseball bat,cooking

Page 15

My Pandemic Diary page 15:Doug Ford,John Tory,returning Canadians,window walks

Time for a break! Wiener Dog page!

I saw a dachshund the other day. It cheered me up. So I drew a page of them. My Pandemic Diary! will return.

My Pandemic Diary: Wiener Dog break

Page 16

My Pandemic Diary page 15:social distancing,snowbirds,ok boomer,queen st west,running

Page 17

My Pandemic Diary page 17: Elvis,mural,wash your hands,drought

Page 18

My Pandemic Diary page 18:2020s hottest hairstyles

Page 19

My Pandemic Diary page 19:disinfectant recipe,dog parks,playgrounds,emergency alert,drafting tools

Page 20

My Pandemic Diary page 20:hockey stick,prospect cemetery,1919,seagull,stress

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