Squirrel Brain

Every summer, I cultivate a dense grove of sunflowers in my backyard. And every September morning, I drop the toothbrush, run down the stairs, and chase the damn squirrels away.

squirrel brain


Another Cold Case Kids book

I’ve been working for most of the summer on the follow-up Cold Case Kids young adult novel. In 2015, I designed and illustrated Ghoul’s Gold – The Mystery Of The Chantry Island Treasure. Author Doug Archer asked me to work with him again on the follow-up, The Phantom Menace – The Mystery of the Southampton Shipwrecks. The book will be out in September 2018.

It has been an big project, with lots of elements. Here are a few samples:

Map of Southampton, Ontario:

Book jacket design:

Over 30 illustrations:

Stay tuned for book launch details.

Me And My Monster

Me And My Monster is my personal favourite painting. It started out as a tiny doodle. I really like the 70s colours and the cautious expressions.

Sold at the Niagara Artists Centre’s Small Feats fundraiser in Spring 2018.