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My Pandemic Diary pages 21 to 25

I have finished five new pages of My Pandemic Diary! It’s a dark bunch of drawings this time, full of tough love and bloodletting. There’s also a little bit of birdwatching.

Here’s the link to all the sketchbook pages:

Commercial Projects


Finished painting. Kritterland, Rob Elliott, 30″x40″, acrylic on canvas, 2021. Private collection.

I recently completed this large painting commissioned by a Chicago patron. Kritterland is an anthropomorphic spin on the famous Kiddieland amusement park sign which once stood in Melrose Park, Il.

Kiddieland sign, Melrose park, Il.

This painting was right up my alley. I sketched some urban animals in the same poses as the children on the original sign. As with all my fauna, I was careful not to make them too cute. There’s a feral edge to all my animals. You can dress them up, but maybe don’t invite them inside!

Raccoon detail. Kritterland, Rob Elliott 30″x40″, acrylic on canvas, 2021
Raccoon sketches for Kritterland.
The grub on the t-shirt is a C for “Chicago”. Skunk detail. Kritterland, Rob Elliott 30″x40″, acrylic on canvas, 2021.
Skunk sketch
This opossum didn’t make the cut.
Sign sketch, Raccoon, detail. Kritterland, Rob Elliott 30″x40″, acrylic on canvas. 2021
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My Pandemic Diary pages 16 to 20

Summer is over, we’re in the middle of a snap election, the pandemic is gaining strength, society is turning upon itself — time for some cartoons!

Here are the latest pages of my Covid-19 sketchbook, My Pandemic Diary!