Skinny Santa and Reg the Rotten Reindeer

drawing of Skinny Santa and Reg the Rotten Reindeer

This Saturday, Skinny Santa and Reg the Rotten Reindeer will be hosting the Flying Pony Holiday Party. Great music, terrible jokes, and all in support of the Glen Rhodes Food Bank.
Artists Rob Elliott and Andrew Horne will do a bit of pantomime. After that, there will be performance by the stomping good roots band, Lil Jimmy’s Chicken Pickers. Plus free food and refreshments. After that, dance party!
If you’re in the neighbourhood, drop in. We hit the stage at 7 p.m.!

Saturday Dec 7th, 7 p.m. until late
Flying Pony Cafe
1481 Gerrard St E, Toronto

Flying Pony invite

Wookiee Modern

Chewbacca painting
Wookiee Modern, 24″x36″, acrylic on canvas. 2019. $750

I painted this handsome Chewbacca portrait for the Official Unofficial Show, a Star Wars themed fundraising exhibition for the MS Society. Chewie is available for $750, with 35% of proceeds going to charity.

Contact me swizzle [at] for details.

Artist Rob Elliott with stormtroopers.
Artist Rob Elliott with an Imperial Guard from the 501st battalion.

Children’s book by post

I recently made a comment to my friend Andreas that we might collaborate on a children’s book. A few days later, notecards started arriving in my mailbox with a story on the top half and a blank for me to fill in on the bottom half. I am enjoying this challenge!

Four pages of a children's book
Words and ink drawings on Andreas’ lovely rag paper stationary.