Open Tuning logo design

Open Tuning square logo

I redesigned the logo for Open Tuning, a free music festival in Toronto. The logo had good bones, in particular the Saul Bass-style guitar. I changed the typeface to something sharper (Twentieth Century) and tightened the elements up.

Open Tuning is a fun street festival, and you can catch me there playing accordion with my outfit the Sore Boozers!

Open Tuning letterhead

Studio Shop sandwich board

Our art gang, St. Catharines’ Niagara Artists Centre (NAC), recently opened a store with artist studios in the rear and upstairs. After Christine and I toured the new space, we remarked that a sandwich board would help visibility along busy St. Paul St.

So NAC asked me to paint a sandwich board! It is a big sign, 40″ tall and featuring a leaping arrow. It has been designed with a space to put posters under a plexiglass cover. It also features a “Cash from Culture” logo I designed.

The sign will debut this Saturday, December 15, at 433 St. Paul Street, part of BOHO $T CA$HRINES, a day long studio crawl and sale (more info:

G that’s a big letter

I got to work with the awesome Melanie MacDonald last week on this giant Google G. Mel needed a tight cutter to get this pop-up shop job done in a hurry, so she gave me a call. Cool job to work on, and the installers and project designers were super nice folks.

Ramm Design Labs built the four room project for the Pixel 3 “record shop” , popping up at 202 Queen Street West, Toronto November 27 to December 2.