Cadaver Dogs gig poster, Vancouver 2008

While tidying up the studio last week, I came across a roll of posters I’d designed over the last few years. These posters were for rock bands or art shows I was involved in, and they have a certain cheekiness about them.

Working on posters takes me right back to my beginnings as a graphic artist, designing newspapers and posters using photocopiers, Letraset© and halftone film. Creating posters like the ones in this post takes a fair amount of reverse engineering, trying to trick Adobe CS into acting like a process camera 15 years past its warranty.

I’m happiest when I have the lead time and budget to actually silkscreen the posters. While the posters shown here were actually either offset or digital printed, they have a good resemblance to three- and four-colour screen jobs.

Animal Crackers art exhibition, Milwaukee 2008

Three piece poster for Printemps exhibition, Ottawa 2005