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NYC Bingo

We drove down to New York City for the Victoria Day weekend. Here’s a bingo card I worked on each morning to keep track of the great time we were having with our friends in the Big Apple. (click image to view large)


Travel Bingo for the city

My wife and hosted an 11-year-old girl over Spring Break. There’s nothing more boring for a kid than a long ride, so we created travel bingo games to help her pass the time.

The first card is city-specific, designed for a trip into downtown Toronto on the subway. However, it works for any city with pigeons. The second one is tailored to the drive from Toronto to Niagara Falls, and works as more as a scavenger hunt than a bingo. You can spot all of the odd things on the card if you keep your eyes peeled.

These cards were originally posted in my sketchbook blog, You Windy Rathole! Print-quality versions can be found there, if you are taking a trip yourself this spring.



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