Swizzle Studio is creating a piece of art every day for the month of February. Christine and I were inspired by the Fun-A-Day project our friend Al Hoff was involved with in Pittsburgh.

How does Fun-A-Day work? A bunch of people agree to do a creative project every day for a set number of days. They can post the images every day online if they choose. There is an exhibition afterwards where everyone gets to see the results. The people who founded it, Art Clash, have a good information sheet on their website.

Take a look at the Pittsburgh project to see the variety of stuff being created:

Swizzle February Fun-A-Day projects

We plan to organize a Toronto Fun-A-Day later this year, but decided to take the concept for a test drive this month. Actually, Christine started cutting fabric as soon as she finished looking at the Pittsburgh website, so we had to start. You can follow our projects’ daily progress in these Flickr sets:

28 Clowns Later: Christine is sewing panels depicting clowns

Power Portraits, 1965-1989: Rob is drawing 28 movers, shakers, and masters of World War 3