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Pages 46 to 50 of My Pandemic Diary!

Third Wave surfer

Are you under Super-Duper Lockdown, just when you thought we were turning the corner? Why not use this special time to enjoy these new pages of My Pandemic Diary?

Plenty of heat coming off this diary installment, but also two nice pages about enjoying nature.
New pages start here:

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New Diary pages! Vaccine madness!

Mr Jab ice cream truck

Things are sure moving fast on the Pandemic front! Is it getting better? Worse? Both at once? These new pages of My Pandemic Diary! try to sort it all out.
This sketchbook installment includes pandas, Greek gods, the return of the peasants, a Schoolhouse Rock parody, vaccine updates, and the continuing saga of Christine’s broken wrist.

Latest pages are HERE:

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My Pandemic Diary: dead of winter edition

Should we add another wing?

They said the vaccines were coming. While we all wait, enjoy this dead of winter installment of My Pandemic Diary! On these pages, you get straw-grasping, fatigue, and broken bones. But also, Valentine’s Day!
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