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Pennants for Hot Doug

Christine and I have known Doug Sohn for many years. We met the Chicago sausage emporium kingpin through our mutual friend Mark Bello, back when Mark was involved in the day-to-day running of Right-On Futon. Mark designed the restaurant’s big-top decor and vibrant signage. Whenever I was in Chicago working on a Right-On Futon window display, we always had a dinner break at Hot Doug’s.

On our last visit in December with Right-On Futon co-owner Liz Hegel, Christine looked around the paraphernalia-bedecked restaurant and announced, “I’m going to make something for Hot Doug!”

Christine decided to sew a chain of felt pennants illustrating the Chicago-expression for “all-dressed”: Run It Through The Garden. An all-dressed Chicago hot dog comes with mustard, bright green relish, onions, tomatoes, pickles, hot peppers and celery salt. Christine included representations of each garnish on her pennant design, along with a cheeky naked hot dog.

Run It Through The Garden, 60"x12", felt, embroidery, rickrack, Christine Cosby, 2014

Run It Through The Garden, 60″x12″, felt, embroidery, rickrack, Christine Cosby, 2014 (click image to view large)

Once Christine finished the pennants, she put them in a padded envelope and sent them to Doug. He was pleased:

 I wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful pennant gift. I’m incredibly flattered and it looks totally cool hung up in the restaurant.

If you want to the pennants and eat at Doug’s amazing restaurant, you only have until October 4, 2014. Hot Doug’s is going on permanent vacation.

Here are close-ups of the Run It Through The Garden pennants:


Fun-A-Day extended

Clown Rapture, Clown no. 22

Clown Rapture, Clown no. 22

If you’ve been following along for the past month, you’ve seen the progress that Christine and I have made with our Fun-A-Day projects. When we picked February as a good month to try creating art every day, it was one big bald spot on the calendar. By the end of the month, we had made a last minute trip to Ottawa to skate on the Rideau Canal, and hosted friends from NYC who decided to visit at the last minute. Time got pretty chewed up.

Despite that, Christine has completed 24 of her planned “28 Clowns Later”. She’ll likely be done the project by Monday. I’ll post again when she’s done.

Here are Christine Cosby’s 24 clowns:

As for my “Power Portraits 1965-1989”, I found the time to complete just 16 drawings. That said, they are broader in both style and subjects than I initially intended. I will do more in March, but impending deadlines for two art exhibits may slow me down.

Here are Rob Elliott’s 16 Power Portraits:

Deng Ziaoping, Power Portrait no. 16

Deng Xiaoping, Power Portrait no. 16

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