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My Pandemic Diary: dead of winter edition

Should we add another wing?

They said the vaccines were coming. While we all wait, enjoy this dead of winter installment of My Pandemic Diary! On these pages, you get straw-grasping, fatigue, and broken bones. But also, Valentine’s Day!
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Holiday activity pages

Christine and I decided to include a fun insert with our 2020 holiday cards. The double-sided page features a word search, secret picture, spot the difference, colouring section, and a big maze.

Here is a PDF version you can print out at home. Cheers!

Hijinx Projects

Pages 16 to 20 of My Pandemic Diary, Vol. 2

My Pandemic Diary is back! Another five pages of laughter and not-laughter as we tumble into the autumn. Jump to the new pages HERE: