On October 2nd, Christine and I will be joining our buddy Gabriel and his family/friends (collectively called Gabriel’s Wolf Pack) on an evening lantern walk to raise funds for the Leukemia & Lymphona Society of Canada (LLSC). Gabriel was only 6 months old when he was diagnosed with leukemia – he’s nearly 2 years old now, in remission and continuing his treatment at Toronto’s amazing Sick Kids Hospital.


Scientific understanding and treatment of blood cancers has come a long way since Christine’s cousin Jason died of childhood leukemia 30 years ago – but there’s still lots of work to do. LLSC raises funds for research and patient / family support and it’s a worthy cancer-fighting cause.

Our oven is broken, so our traditional fundraising technique of a bake sale won’t work. Instead, We have a couple of incentives for you to donate.

1. The highest donation made by a non-Torontonian will receive a “Shanghai Scooters” drawing – frame & postage included. See the art here:

2. The highest donation made by a Torontonian will get a personal walking tour of “the wrong side of the tracks” with Christine and I. The walking tour of our neighbourhood includes a gallery of public murals, secret food highlights, a local micro-brewery, and plenty of colourful commentary and historical anecdotes.

3. Christine’s colleagues remember our epic brownie-and-cookie baking fundraisers for the MS Society of Canada. With that in mind, the highest Bruce Power donor will receive a generous basket of our baked goods in December, just in time for Christmas treats and by then we should have an oven again!

Minimum donation to compete for the prizes = $100. If there’s a tie, we’ll either having a bidding war (top up your donation!) or draw straws.

If you only have a little to give, that’s OK too. Every $$ is awesome!

Donate online here:


Watch Gabriel’s cancer-versary video here: