I just received this parcel in the post, sure to delight any philatelist or ornithologist.

The army of ducklings also happens to be a great way of illustrating why I mostly show my work locally these days. Shipping is expensive, and if people don’t buy the work, doubly so. When Mark Pilon decided to test the art-buying waters by reopening his much-missed Moon Base gallery in Vancouver, I put a small piece into the group show. The Little Wraith did not find a buyer, which was unfortunate, as I was testing the waters too (My first shows were with Moon Base in 1998).

Here’s my wish list for artists working across this big country, a wish list that would make it easier for artists to show their work:

  • A tax credit for art purchases to encourage people to buy original art
  • More postage options (the USPS offers discount “Parcel Post” and “Media Mail” rates)
  • Just give artists a roll of ducklings each year (it’ll help keep Canada Post afloat as well)