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Owl Series #1

I just completed a series of 9 owl paintings just in time for holiday season gift giving.

Each owl is a North American species, depicted as its most graphic elements.

The paintings are 6″x6″ on profile canvas, $200 each. Each is fitted with a sawtooth hook for easy hanging. The profile canvas also sits nicely on a mantelpiece.

Message me or email swizzlestudio [at] if you are interested!



Row 1: Great Gray Owl, Barred Owl, Great Horned Owl (SOLD)
Row 2: Burrowing Owl, Snowy Owl (SOLD), Screech Owl (SOLD)
Row 3: Large Eared Owl, Barn Owl, Saw Whet Owl


Finished painting. Kritterland, Rob Elliott, 30″x40″, acrylic on canvas, 2021. Private collection.

I recently completed this large painting commissioned by a Chicago patron. Kritterland is an anthropomorphic spin on the famous Kiddieland amusement park sign which once stood in Melrose Park, Il.

Kiddieland sign, Melrose park, Il.

This painting was right up my alley. I sketched some urban animals in the same poses as the children on the original sign. As with all my fauna, I was careful not to make them too cute. There’s a feral edge to all my animals. You can dress them up, but maybe don’t invite them inside!

Raccoon detail. Kritterland, Rob Elliott 30″x40″, acrylic on canvas, 2021
Raccoon sketches for Kritterland.
The grub on the t-shirt is a C for “Chicago”. Skunk detail. Kritterland, Rob Elliott 30″x40″, acrylic on canvas, 2021.
Skunk sketch
This opossum didn’t make the cut.
Sign sketch, Raccoon, detail. Kritterland, Rob Elliott 30″x40″, acrylic on canvas. 2021

Swizzle 2020 highlights

Swizzle Studio kept busy through 2020, despite it being an unusual year. Here are some of my favourite projects, both commercial and personal.


Alley Cats, Gerrard St E and Rhodes Ave
Chickadee-Dee-Dee! Keele St and Dundas St. W.

I got the opportunity to paint my critters BIG this year. I did the giant cats with my friend Andrew Horne, and the bird on the side of Williams Design’s often tagged storefront.

Duck Story

otter and duck page
A page from the children’s book

My friend Andreas and I worked on a book over the winter, with him sending me pages of a children’s story he had written, one page at a time. These installments arrived hand-written on creamy notecards; I would add an illustration to the bottom. We are about six pages from the ending. Something to finish in 2021!

Pizza School NYC goes online

Pizza school vimeo
Screenshot of Pizza School NYC’s Vimeo page

My longtime clients Pizza School NYC had to pivot quickly when the pandemic shuttered their cooking school. I worked on the technical and visual side of their new online school. In addition to getting the Vimeo page looking great, I designed labels for pizza mailing kits, and designed a zine to go with those kits. Pizza School is doing great these days, and it was rewarding to be part of this big effort.

Pizza School NYC’s pizza kit with zine.
Pizza Ghost, detail from Halloween Maze


I always enjoy type and logo work. Here are a few I did this year.

Tailfeather Shaker for a series of Zoom dance parties
Vintage sellers Williams Design came across this eponymous logo stamped on an 80 year old case of shotgun shells. I cleaned up the artwork for them. Great design never gets old!
Logo design for UXG website.


I discovered Sticker Mule, an online printing company with some really great products. After signing up to their mailing list, I have been having fun with their promotional specials.

Colouring Pages

Birds Are On The Wing colouring page, Spring 2020

During the spring lockdown, several artists made activity pages that went out the Flying Pony Cafe’s weekly home deliveries. They were much enjoyed by the children of the households who received them. I did several colouring pages.

My Pandemic Diary

My Pandemic Diary! cover. Well into Volume 2 now.

I have been keeping a sketchbook diary since the Pandemic began. It’s a pretty heady mix of humour, news, and observations.
Volume 1:
Volume 2:

Detail of My Pandemic Diary

Pickle Diary

It wasn’t all COVID-19. I also did a lot of cooking this year.

Bird Paintings

Pear, 12″x12″, acrylic on canvas
Wandering and Wondering, 18″x24″, acrylic on canvas
My Friend Flicker, 10″x12″, acrylic on canvas

There wasn’t a lot of time for painting this year, but I did get the easel out for these three commissions and gifts.

That’s the highlights for 2020. We’re already galloping into the new year with two book design projects and some fun personal stuff too!


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