The above photograph of suitcases, spray-painted and abandoned, in an unopened section of Pearson Airport’s Terminal 1, is one of my favourites. While killing time at Toronto’s main airport, I peaked behind a construction door and saw the mother lode of lost luggage. A picture is worth a thousand Air Canada promises, and the contrast of the shiny new terminal and the lost bags made for a good picture. The photo has since been licensed by a couple of online magazines for stories about, naturally, lost luggage.

This September, the photo will be seen by its largest audience yet. Selected by the creators of the IBM100 THINK exhibit, the photo will be part of a media field composed of 40 seven-foot screens. The 12-minute immersive film will envelope viewers in a kaleidoscope of images and sound. Created for the 100th anniversary of IBM, the exhibit will run from September 23 to October 23 at Lincoln Center in New York City.

Incidentally, my image will be recontextualized for a section on the film about nano-technology currently in development to detect bomb threats.