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Halloween Maze

This was a fun project. I created this Halloween maze for Pizza School NYC. It’s pretty tricky: You have to help the pizza delivery driver get to the haunted house and back, but also avoid the pizza-themed monsters!

You can print out a PDF of the maze at Pizza School NYC’s website:

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Pizza Margherita Day!

Scott Wiener at Scott’s Pizza Tours reminded me that today is Pizza Margherita Day. For those who don’t know, the basil, tomato and mozzarella pizza was created for Italian Queen Margherita 124 years ago and replicates the colours of the Italian flag.

Here’s a drawing of Queen Margherita (bedecked in ingredients) I did for Pizza A Casa’s DIY Pizza Pie app.

Buon appetito, your Majesty.
Buon appetito, your Majesty!