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Holiday puzzle pages

Happy holidays from Swizzle Studio! Here’s two pages of puzzles for your enjoyment.

Downloadable PDF version here:

General information

Halloween Maze

This was a fun project. I created this Halloween maze for Pizza School NYC. It’s pretty tricky: You have to help the pizza delivery driver get to the haunted house and back, but also avoid the pizza-themed monsters!

You can print out a PDF of the maze at Pizza School NYC’s website:

Commercial Projects

Pizza pen


My most recent project with Pizza A Casa pizza school was this nifty souvenir pen. Mark Bello wanted the illustrations to be reminiscent of pizza box graphics, but with the quality of artwork found in the DIY Pizza Pie app. We’re going to complete the circle by using these illustrations on take-home boxes for pizza school graduates.

Here’s my original design beside the version we used for the pen. Any puzzle fiends out there, can you spot the differences (there are four)?