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Ghoul’s Gold sells 1000 copies


The young adult adventure story I illustrated, Ghoul’s Gold – the Mystery of the Chantry Island Treasure, has sold 1000 copies since it was published this fall! Author Doug Archer is looking at expanding distribution in the new year. In the meantime, I have a few copies at the studio if you’d like to pick one up before Christmas. They’re $9 each.
It’s also available on Amazon:

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New art fair booth

I needed something hatchback-sized for selling paintings at fairs. I also wanted something with a small footprint and a sturdy base to minimize the effects of accidental bumping.


This new booth uses a Black & Decker Workmate as a base and is made from one sheet of OSB sheathing, a bit of lumber for bracing and a few hinges. I finished it off with some conversation-starting signs (the green sign was rescued from an earlier booth). I’m testing it out this Sunday at the Junction Craft Brewery Christmas Craft Sale. If it works, I think I’ll write up an Instructables post about it.