My contractor friend Simon Lewis recently recently acquired a mobile phone. Simon keeps his iPhone safe in an old sock, a thrifty and functional choice that I love. Plus there’s a nice irony to sock-as-case, given how many people replace their iPhones more often than they buy new socks.

But when Christine glimpsed the sock-case, she immediately saw a potential craft project. “Let’s make Simon a case!” she said.

I knew from a conversation earlier in the week that Simon and I shared a belief that googly eyes are history’s greatest craft invention. Swizzle always has a supply of googly eyes on hand, so we decided to make them a key feature of the case.

We used a strip of Kerdi, a waterproof polyethylene matting material, for the case. Simon has been renovating our basement bathroom, so scraps from the job seemed a suitable material. Christine sewed up the sides with her trademark blanket stitch, then I glued a pattern of googly eyes to one side of the case. The Eye-phone case was a hit with Simon, and with his six-year old daughter, who got the visual pun instantly.