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Shanghai Scooters omnibus

I created a video for my display at last month’s St. Catharines’ Moon Festival. Featuring material from my sketchbooks and photos, the slideshow shows how the Shanghai Scooters exhibition was shaped.


Shanghai scooter sketches

When I visited Shanghai two summers ago, I was impressed with how scooters and bicycles were used as real machines, whether carrying massive loads of salvage or delivering precarious towers of flowers. There is a heady dialogue in Toronto about bicycles and greener forms of transportation, but in Shanghai you see how a two-wheeled city actually functions.

I shot a ton of photos with the idea of using them for an art project later on. I now have an exhibition planned for the second half of 2011 at my favourite art clubhouse, the Niagara Artists Centre. The show will mostly be gouache and ink drawings, but I am still making material and technical decisions. I want to convey the motion, the clutter, and the humidity of the street scenes, so I have been leaning towards working on wet papers with soluble inks. It is exciting to be processing a show from scratch, and I will post more reports as the work progresses.

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