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Arizona sketchbook

I just got back from a trip to Arizona with Christine and my parents. I brought a sketchbook along with me, and did a page or two whenever I found a poolside table. All of these sketches are pretty loose, due either to wobbly surfaces, the randomness of my drawing utensils, or good ol’ heatstroke.

There’s nine big pages of sketches, which you can download as a PDF by clicking this LINK. (2 MB)

Here’s a sampling to whet your appetite:

horned-toad sedona grand-canyon



Possum process

My latest drawing, Ravine Opossums, took a lot of planning. Once I had the idea in my head of how I wanted the piece to look, I had to figure out how to draw a pretty complicated scene.

The first step was getting the opossums right. Until you really study some photos, you don’t really appreciate what a weird beast the opposum is. When you draw it correctly, it looks like you’ve drawn it wrong. This is a challenge.


The ditched shopping carts were tricky as well. Basically three-dimensional mesh planes, the carts took a lot of sketching to figure out. In this case, it was the sad little wheels that brought the drawings to life.


Then there was the beer cans. I wanted the brand to be recognizable, but also localized to my own western Canadian history. It was pretty easy to settle on the busy and colourful Old Style Pilsner can.


Hurricane Sandy Diary

In late October, Christine and I flew to New York for the wedding of Pizza A Casa owners Mark and Jenny. What was supposed to be a quick four day trip turned into a week-long adventure due to a certain hurricane. It was an interesting time to be in the city, and I filled an entire sketchbook keeping track of it all.

I usually work with a lot more planning, but these sketches were done without pencil or attention to verb tense. I coloured the drawings when we finally made it back to Toronto.

Here are all 37 pages as a Flickr gallery: http://www.flickr.com/photos/swizzlestudio/sets/72157631946604832/

Here are all 37 pages as a downloadable PDF: Hurricane Sandy Diary in PDF format