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Hurricane Sandy Diary

In late October, Christine and I flew to New York for the wedding of Pizza A Casa owners Mark and Jenny. What was supposed to be a quick four day trip turned into a week-long adventure due to a certain hurricane. It was an interesting time to be in the city, and I filled an entire sketchbook keeping track of it all.

I usually work with a lot more planning, but these sketches were done without pencil or attention to verb tense. I coloured the drawings when we finally made it back to Toronto.

Here are all 37 pages as a Flickr gallery:

Here are all 37 pages as a downloadable PDF: Hurricane Sandy Diary in PDF format



Manhattan sketches

I was in New York City last week, doing some design and illustration work for a publishing project. I’d love to share some samples with you, but the project is being kept under wraps until closer to launch. Instead, here are a couple of drawings for your enjoyment.

I walked towards this view of the Manhattan Bridge on-ramp every morning. The history-encrusted Lower East Side always reminds me of French science fiction artists Philippe Druillet and Moebius.

In Midtown, I came across a classic Modernist building (350 Park Avenue) with its perfect skin removed. Three panels of the curtain wall had been taken out to allow a crane to access the interior.

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Global banking and a globetrotter’s book

I love Tim Baynes drawings. His loose yet precise travel sketches are full of energy and humour. When I heard the British artist had published a book of drawings, Drawing on Experience, I contacted him to purchase one. What followed was a parochial to-and-fro between our banks which made any talk of global markets seem like nonsense. Tim wrote an entry about the whole adventure on his blog, complete with a photo of my much stamped letter.

Drawing From Experience is great, but when Tim publishes a sequel, I’m just going to meet him in Paddington Station and pass him a £10 note.