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I play accordion with a sort-of musical softball team called the Sore Boozers. Once a week, as many as 8 of us get together and play a bunch of songs, drink a little beer, and pay little mind to the score.

Keep an ear out for us, we occasionally show up at Toronto street festivals.

Once in a while, we perform at a street festival.

General information

Jamming in Little India


The jam band I play with, Sore Boozers, will be bringing our unique mix of Irish drinking songs, murder ballads and power pop to the street jam in Toronto’s Little India this Saturday. We plan to be there around 6 p.m.

Details: Rhodes Ave off of Gerrard on the east end of Little India is being blocked off next to Flying Pony cafe & gallery (where I had the Monkey Modern show last winter).

Get there by TTC, or use the Green P parking lot on Rhodes Ave. behind Flying Pony (access via Craven Rd.)