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Pages 26 to 30 of My Pandemic Diary Part 2

Pfizer talks to Biden

We passed 300 days of lockdown! Bet you didn’t even notice. My Pandemic Diary! is back, with a survey of the Holiday Season and New Year’s surprises. There’s also some food and birds to lighten the mood a bit.
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Holiday activity pages

Christine and I decided to include a fun insert with our 2020 holiday cards. The double-sided page features a word search, secret picture, spot the difference, colouring section, and a big maze.

Here is a PDF version you can print out at home. Cheers!

Hijinx Projects

Inktober 2020

I just finished the Inktober 2020 drawing challenge, posting a drawing each day on my Swizzle’s Instagram account (@swizzlestudio). It’s a good exercise for creative thinking. I mostly draw my Inktobers with Speedball ink and nib pens or Sharpie ultrafine pens, adding the colour digitally.
Thanks to Jake Parker for organizing Inktober!

Here’s the series: