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5 new Pandemic Diary pages

The COVID-19 restrictions are getting tighter, which means more studio time. Here’s five fresh pages of My Pandemic Diary! Jump to the latest pages HERE.

Pandemic sketchbook

I have been drawing furiously for the last few days in something I call “My Pandemic Sketchbook”. All sorts of drawing styles and moods. I figured I’d share the first 10 pages with you. There’s a link at the top of this page, and in this post too.

Page 5 My pandemic diary: eating pigeon, lunch for detectives, mass closings

I’m taking a little break from the disaster diary for now. Too much time in that world can wear a person down. Stay well, friends!

Wookiee Modern

Chewbacca painting
Wookiee Modern, 24″x36″, acrylic on canvas. 2019. $750

I painted this handsome Chewbacca portrait for the Official Unofficial Show, a Star Wars themed fundraising exhibition for the MS Society. Chewie is available for $750, with 35% of proceeds going to charity.

Contact me swizzle [at] studio.ca for details.

Artist Rob Elliott with stormtroopers.
Artist Rob Elliott with an Imperial Guard from the 501st battalion.