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Bazaar Bizarre this weekend

Heads for the installation ready for mounting.

Heads for the Bazaar Bizarre installation ready for mounting.

Andrew Horne puts it concisely to every curious person who walks by the Bazaar Bizarre Collective’s workshop on Rhodes Avenue.

“We’re making art. We’re blocking off the street. You have to come back on Saturday.”

Wooden struts for the installation

Dozens of wooden struts make up the backbone of the installation.

All of that is true. Andrew and I have been spending the week assembling a colourful, anarchic, 20 foot high thing. The timber-and-board construction is equal parts cartoon and carnival. Festooned with lights and flags made from sari fabric, the installation will make a lively addition to this year’s Festival of South Asia. The tower-like construction will be located on Rhodes Avenue at Gerrard Street, and will be installed with the help of volunteers by 2 p.m. Saturday.

Christine sewing banners made from donated sari fabric.

Christine sewing banners made from donated sari fabric.

Bazaar Bizarre Collective working on the art.

Members of Bazaar Bizarre Collective working on the art.

In addition to the installation, Andrew will be showing Bollywood film highlights projected on the wall across from his gallery and coffee shop, Flying Pony, on Saturday evening.

The Festival of South Asia runs on August 23 and 24 from noon to 11 p.m. along Toronto’s Gerrard Street Bazaar (directions).

St. Catherines artist Melanie MacDonald will also be opening her exhibition at Flying Pony on Saturday night, featuring highlights from her recent solo show at the St. Thomas-Elgin Art Centre. These scrapbook-based paintings should be seen in real life to be appreciated. If Pigs Could Float runs from August 23 to September 27 at Flying Pony.

Freeze Frame, Melanie MacDonald, 2011. Acrylic on canvas, 60x36”

Freeze Frame, Melanie MacDonald, 2011. Acrylic on canvas, 60×36”

Jamming in Little India


The jam band I play with, Sore Boozers, will be bringing our unique mix of Irish drinking songs, murder ballads and power pop to the street jam in Toronto’s Little India this Saturday. We plan to be there around 6 p.m.

Details: Rhodes Ave off of Gerrard on the east end of Little India is being blocked off next to Flying Pony cafe & gallery (where I had the Monkey Modern show last winter).

Get there by TTC, or use the Green P parking lot on Rhodes Ave. behind Flying Pony (access via Craven Rd.)



ANGER DUE TO billboards at Yonge & Richmond

Sun room studio set-up for video shoot.

Sun room studio set-up for video shoot.

I recently assisted my long-time collaborator Gary MacLeod with a new video project, acting as videographer and editor. Gary had been commissioned by Art In Transit to create 10 eight-second videos to be broadcast on a downtown Toronto LED billboard during the 2014 summer.

The videos, part of the Sign Me Up program, are seeded amongst the regular advertisements on a billboard at the busy downtown corner of Yonge and Richmond streets. This is a great opportunity for Gary’s sign-based art to reach thousands of eyes and create unexpected dialogues.

Gary has a long history of incorporating signs and signage in his art practice, and these videos are a transformation of an evolving street intervention project.

I am obsessed with manipulating signs and editing their meanings. When I see those oh-so-present “DANGER DUE TO:” signs. I really see “ANGER ANGER DUE TO:” signs and immediately want to write in a thousand different words and reasons in that blank box space.

Gary MacLeod

Anger Due To, installation, Distillery District, 2013.

Anger Due To, installation, Distillery District, 2013.

For the video project, we built a replica chain link fence with tiled sheets of A4 paper in Gary’s sun room. I videoed 20 Gary’s hand writing 20 words (he had narrowed down out of dozens). With the input of PATTISON OneStop’s Sharon Switzer, we honed the videos down to the 10 that will be shown from June 1to August 30, 2014.

Below are previews of two of the videos (I’m going to video them on the billboard this week and will post them soon):