Wally, the beer filled water tower

The Winter of 2012 wasn’t a particularly harsh one, but that didn’t stop boredom from setting in. My friend Trish and I cooked up a sad-sack sporting event which we held on February 5, The First Annual West Toronto Junction Pan-Am Shitty Triathlon.

The event took advantage of our neighbourhood’s somewhat mediocre recreation facilities and our friends’ even more mediocre athletic abilities. The “triathlon” consisted of a 1 km cycle ride to the local ice pad, 10 laps around some soft ice, and then 4 laps in the neighbouring crowded pool. All this activity was followed by a trip to the pub.

In order to make the triathlon seem more special, I designed a mascot, based on the General Electric water tower that looms over the neighbourhood.

Canadian General Electric water tower, Toronto