NIGHT THING, a one-minute film directed by my friend and fellow artist Gary MacLeod, is screening as part of the Toronto Underground Film Festival (TUFF).

I built NIGHT THING’s graphic elements and edited the film. Gary MacLeod‘s art is usual based around actual neon signs he builds. The concept of NIGHT THING would require require over 100 signs, which time and cost prohibits. So I built a digital template, based on an actual neon sign, into which any word could be typed. Then I animated the words into the flashing sign you see in the film.

Screen caps from NIGHT THING, Gary Macleod, 2013

Screen caps from NIGHT THING, Gary Macleod, 2013

TUFF films screen every 10 minutes on 300+ Pattison Onestop digital screens on subway platforms at 63 subways stations across Toronto. Due to explicit language, NIGHT THING will not be seen in the subway, but is one of three films featured in the Too Tuff For the TTC program. It can be seen online at

Screening Room: Next weekend (11 a.m. to 5 p.m., September 13 – 15), all the films (including NIGHT THING) will be projected in a 67 minute loop in Room 222 at the Drake Hotel. Grab a drink, relax, and enjoy some of the best ultra-short short films around. Admittance is FREE.