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Holiday Special Title Cards

On December 11, the Sore Boozers (who I play accordion with) hosted a Holiday concert on Zoom. The show was inspired by 1970s TV specials, and featured guest artists, vintage commercials, and a tour of Toronto’s Christmas cinematic locations. The show ran for over two hours and was a hit with everyone who tuned in.

Sore Boozers guitarist Tom Griffiths stitched together dozens of files on the fly to make the show seem like a live broadcast. To help create continuity, I designed retro title cards with band member Dennis Pilon providing radio style voice overs.

Below are some examples of the title cards.

Cloudy days

I’m amazed by how ubiquitous a piece of design can become in our accelerated age. See something interesting and within a few months, you never want to see it again. Hand-drawn type, QR codes, and birds will all feature prominently in the “2010-themed” party invitations your children send in 30 years.

I have Ork PostersToronto map hanging in my living room. Jenny Beorkrem’s fitting of over 100 neighbourhoods shows real skill and design sense. She uses the word cloud concept and builds upon it. But the craft fair ladies and graphic designers who are merrily compressing text into boxes have worn the concept down to a nub in record time. I hope McDonald’s didn’t pay their agency too much for their new packaging design. They could have just sent an intern to this Create Your Own Word Cloud generator.

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