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Open Tuning Mini-Concert

I’ll be performing a 5 song set of at the Open Tuning Festival this Saturday, June 5. A bunch of obscure covers, played with my usual Old Tyme New Wave flair.

Here’s the link to my video concert:

I am the volunteer graphic artist and web designer for the free neighbourhood festival. We had to go online again this year, but managed to attract over 30 performers with a combination of word-of-mouth and old fashioned postering!

This link will take you to the complete schedule, with links to all 34 online performances. There are two types of performance this year. WATCH ANYTIME performances are pre-recorded and can be enjoyed throughout the day. Check the schedule for details. LIVE performances are scheduled for specific times. Check the schedule for details.…/open-tuning…/

Pigeon World Cup

I found some video of pigeons chasing a piece of bread (shot in Florence, Italy in 2009) and added some sound from a football match. One of those silly little projects I always meant to get around to.

ANGER DUE TO billboards at Yonge & Richmond

Sun room studio set-up for video shoot.

Sun room studio set-up for video shoot.

I recently assisted my long-time collaborator Gary MacLeod with a new video project, acting as videographer and editor. Gary had been commissioned by Art In Transit to create 10 eight-second videos to be broadcast on a downtown Toronto LED billboard during the 2014 summer.

The videos, part of the Sign Me Up program, are seeded amongst the regular advertisements on a billboard at the busy downtown corner of Yonge and Richmond streets. This is a great opportunity for Gary’s sign-based art to reach thousands of eyes and create unexpected dialogues.

Gary has a long history of incorporating signs and signage in his art practice, and these videos are a transformation of an evolving street intervention project.

I am obsessed with manipulating signs and editing their meanings. When I see those oh-so-present “DANGER DUE TO:” signs. I really see “ANGER ANGER DUE TO:” signs and immediately want to write in a thousand different words and reasons in that blank box space.

Gary MacLeod

Anger Due To, installation, Distillery District, 2013.

Anger Due To, installation, Distillery District, 2013.

For the video project, we built a replica chain link fence with tiled sheets of A4 paper in Gary’s sun room. I videoed 20 Gary’s hand writing 20 words (he had narrowed down out of dozens). With the input of PATTISON OneStop’s Sharon Switzer, we honed the videos down to the 10 that will be shown from June 1to August 30, 2014.

Below are previews of two of the videos (I’m going to video them on the billboard this week and will post them soon):

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